Augment your in-house engineering team with dedicated development resources that we have just handpicked for your business developments. A team that leverages best of its abilities that you would love to call them as your own business teams. We provide you with complete autonomy to plan the in-house resource operation according to the development milestones and budget in mind.

Why Our Clients Choose the
Managed Team Model
Effortless and Quick Setup
We do the resource hiring and provide you with best talent effortlessly within 2-3 weeks of an average time.
Top Talent
The 3-level screening process that we choose helps hire the best talent from the top 5% of the candidates we interview.
Around the Clock Communication
Our speedy turn around time helps you run your business without any hassle as we fill the talent vacancy quickly.
Fast Time to Market
Thanks to our streamlined process that is time driven and fast to market.
Increased Business Focus
With our services that manage all the routine tasks for you helps you have more time to focus on business improvements.



We give you the option to screen the candidates from our talent pool of resources. You get to choose the expert talent you need for your business.


It takes on average just 2-3 weeks to get started and your team will be ready to work on your project right away.


Our team being in-house, you get to supervise the development progress and project managers will keep you in loop about the regular meetings, demonstration sessions, and constant transparency in the communication.


We give you support throughout the development process and after the product goes live with product support, maintenance, and marketing strategies.


Our 3-level interview process and strong recruiting network all over Eastern Europe allows us to provide you with an access to the best development talent and expertise. We accept only the best 5% of candidates that we interview.

We offer best project management practices and processes for utmost usage of resources, talent, and timely deliverables. These factors are completely maintained by our global product managers. With this function, you get the hundred percent expected results with better control on resources who are flexible to work as per your business needs.

The in-house team that we offer are equipped with excellent communication skills followed by transparency throughout the development process. Our team works as your own team in-house and operate at your local hours.



When do I need to use the managed team model?

We recommend the managed team model for long-term, complex projects that require varied technical skills and close managerial supervision. 
You should also consider this approach if you want to hire a software development team offshore but lack the project management expertise in-house.

Will the assigned team work only on my project?

Yes. Your team will be working on your project full-time, no side projects, no distractions.

What is the project management approach, and what tools are used during the development process?

We apply various agile project management methodologies, depending on the project scope and specifics. 
Some of the project management tools we use are: Jira, Trello, Redmine, and Youtrack. For communication, we can use Hangouts, Slack, Skype, or any other tool of your choice.

How can I control the development process?

Your project manager will keep you abreast with the progress through regular meetings, planning sessions, and status reports. As a result, you will always know exactly what your team is working on and why. 
In addition to being in constant communication with your dedicated project manager, you will have 24/7 access to our issue tracking and project management system. With it, you can see the specific tasks each of your team members are working on, their progress status and the expected completion date.

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