Deploy And Feedback
Hassle free product deployment and supporting your business even after the product is launched.

Our support to your business is a long way journey. We not only develop and deploy best quality software product for your business but stay with you even after the product is successfully launched in the market. We are experts in rendering maintenance support and marketing leads for your business whenever you need it.

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Technical Support and Maintenance

We know the need of technical assistance that your users might need when working with the business product services. With excellence in development and deployment of a product, we also own the niches skills in technical support assistance. We own the team of technically brilliant support minds who understand user’s perspective very well and skilled in effective communication with users.

Our team of technical support is proficient in the following engaging services with your business.

  • Any issues that pop up when the product is up and running in the production environment.

  • Product performance monitoring and reporting.

  • Any migration tasks in case of system scaling.

Our support team operates during standard business hours 8am-5pm BST and 5 days a week excluding local holidays. We offer additional SLA options upon request.


I need special terms for maintenance and technical support. Is it possible?

Providing different SLA levels, we can definitely customize our offer based on your specific needs. However, for most of the clients we’ve worked with for several years, our basic SLA for maintenance and support is sufficient.

Do you have experience migrating MagnoliaCMS websites from older versions to new ones?

In order to get Migration right, we do analysis of the website structure and components used, and see if it consists parts that may produce confilcts on newer versions or it is straight forward project with basic components.


Are your developers familiar with the strategies needed for running headless CMS approach successfully?

Yes, our developers are familiar with the strategies needed for running headless approach successfully. We have experience with the fundamentals of headless CMS approach and customize the editmode side. We know how to avoid common mistakes that frustrate editors. The implementation of headless CMS requirements from our side is carried out in accordance with clients prefered technologies and architechture guidelines and under the supervision of our client's managers.

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