Product Definition

We craft an end-to-end product prototype visualization for your business. We strongly believe and adhere to what you see is what you get (WYSWYG) business services. We take in to consideration all your content strategy, product business plan, technical support factors and build a low fidelity prototype to encourage business to vision the code IT product services with us. We plan and build IT solutions that are reliable and in trend years down the lane in business to help clients achieve maximum business success in the long term.

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As the first step of our collaboration with clients, we indulge in functional specifications, UX/UI design interactions, and in building the visual prototype of the envisioned end goal product. We encourage our client’s engagement in building the right product definition. A well-defined product definition is the ultimatum for a successful product deliverable. Our clients greatly appreciate this collaboration of visualization that helps business pitch in the market the right way for the product they going to offer to customers. At Code IT Solution, we follow explicit process for every product deliverable. A process that fits in best for our client’s needs, developing awesome product, and to meet deadlines for go to market. As a business module, a live visual prototype serves our clients with confidence and trustworthy relationship with our services.

What You Get
Technical Specification

We encourage an open communication with clients and henceforth we bring in functional specification at first to the delivery table. We transform all your business ideas and prototype specification to an art of information science that is easy to understand. All the project functional specs, use cases, and key functional deliverables are specified in the functional specs. Clients get to perceive every information in the functional specifications and clear written valuation of what the end code IT solution product will include.

External Designs received

We receive the design for front-end and architecture of the product. We analyse the UI designs it they are user friendly and mobile friandly. When it comes to backend technology, we build the product with latest technology stack that is relevant to the current and future market trends. Every artifact is clearly directed in the design phase and we keep in mind the end goal-the product intended to go to market and as per client’s requirements.

DB Schema

With our pioneers in database development and schema management, we build the DB schema and well-articulated data structure that blends well with the frontend design and development. We design the best intact schema based on every business requirement that builds an efficient logical model for the product.

Development Roadmap

With go to market timeline and development schedules, we clearly speck the milestones, and IT strategy to achieve the product deliverable. We at Code IT Solution strongly believe in having a roadmap for our clients’ business deliverables and we work together to achieve the desired roadmap driven success outcome. The entry criteria and exit criteria for every milestone in the roadmap is clear-cut directed and made transparent for clients to know the product deliverable progress and build trustworthy relationship.


Can you give me a price offer?

If you have well defined product and requirements yes we can give you and estimation of the product development cost. If this part is missing, we will need to spend time prepareing the technical specification and after that to be able to give you a price offer.

Can we start the development without a technical specification?

Technical specification is very important during our collaboration, if we dont have strict definition what you require and what we need to deliver, we will bump to a lot of missleading and dissapointment. We will prepare this part and define all the use cases actor and functionalities, and according to this document we can estimate our effor and your cost

Can we skip this phase?

At your own risk. Yes, we can start the development, but we can't offer fixed price, it will be time and material and this may lead that you will not have control over your budget.

What you get
A free cost estimate.
Professional advice.
We keep your ideas safe.
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