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An expert software development team that your business can rely upon. Our remote software development team collaborates with your business and offers absolute experience in a way the product is delivered in-house.

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We give you a competitive advantage by helping you create proprietary web and mobile solutions. Our in-house software experts hold hands-on experience in developing custom websites, social media apps, responsive mobile versions for the website and CMS customization. We boast of our pioneers who hold experience in developing mobile apps for vivid businesses such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and Geo location. We strongly understand that one development design doesn’t fit all business models. Therefore, our experts are skilled to develop software for any business with a touch of uniqueness, high standard, user friendly software that is competitive in the market.

Our Focus
With expertise in mobile application development, web application development, and CMS customization, we lay our focus mainly on Web Development for a business.
Web Development
Our custom web application development offering is specialized to meet your business web development specifications. We offer high quality custom web application development. Our expert development team are well versed with the latest technology stack in web applications. We build web app for your business with current and best technology stack that caters to maximum benefits and scalable for your business web app needs. Our in-house team also includes specialists in different forms of web application development such as Single Page Application Development (SPA), Progressive We Application Development (PWA), Server Side Rendered Application Development (SSR). We holistically choose and deliver that web application that best suits to your business and customer base.
What We Do:
  • E-learning systems web application
  • Web application platforms that are scalable
  • Web application development for community portals
  • Web app platform for online content-rich web application
  • Web application for social networking
  • E-commerce website
  • Any business websites and Blogging web applications
Technologies and Tools:
  • Front-end: Vue.JS, React.JS, Angular JS, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Back-end: JAVA, Node.js, Vaadin, PHP, Python, .NET,
  • CMS: Magnolia CMS, AEM
Main Activities and Deliverables
Top on the mind activities and deliverables that we focus on to bring in top notch web application development for our client business.
Transparent communication

Our software development process is driven by Agile methodologies wherein every team member in the software development is driven by Agile milestones. The development process is managed by the proficient project managers who steer teams to deliver best results to the client business. The overall communication throughput the development process is encouraged to be transparent, goal driven, and dedicated to achieving client business results.

Source code

We are the geeks in building best code for projects of our clients. Our software development team maintains strict adherence to data privacy and security in terms of source code of a business. The code is developed by our expert developers and we take all measures to keep the source code safe for our clients. We encourage a healthy business handshake with our clients. The complete source code of a client project is securely handed over to the client at the time of 2/3 payment of the total project invoice. After client checks everything is ok, he proceed with the last 1/3 payment

Code review

We believe in failing fast and learning at faster pace and hence we always review our code during the QA phase regularly during every sprint. We want our code to meet the coding conventions, adhere to functional specs, and performance standards. We practice simplicity and yet classy approach and have our code simple that meets every functional specs and the code that is easy to understand by our client’s development teams.

Bug reporting and progress monitoring

Our process driven approach in everything we do sets us apart from our competitors. Identifying bugs at the early stage and tracking these bugs in the code is very important practice that goes a long way in building and evolving the development project. Hence, we use tools like Jetbrains and YouTrack that includes well bug reporting and monitoring structure in place.

Client feedback

Feedback is the unbeatable mechanism to improve any software development for a project. We encourage our client to engage with us in giving their valuable feedback to improvise the software product to a better version every day. We set the stage for client to share their feedback by setting up client demonstrations and test environments for client to try their hands in using the product and share their opinions with us.


Can you give me a price offer?

If you have well defined product and requirements yes we can give you and estimation of the product development cost. If this part is missing, we will need to spend time prepareing the technical specification and after that to be able to give you a price offer.

Can we start the development without a technical specification?

Technical specification is very important during our collaboration, if we dont have strict definition what you require and what we need to deliver, we will bump to a lot of missleading and dissapointment. We will prepare this part and define all the use cases actor and functionalities, and according to this document we can estimate our effor and your cost

Can we skip this phase?

At your own risk. Yes, we can start the development, but we can't offer fixed price, it will be time and material and this may lead that you will not have control over your budget.

What you get
A free cost estimate.
Professional advice.
We keep your ideas safe.
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