Our Quality assurance engineers are the ultimate in performing end to end product testing. Our QA team provides maximum coverage in testing a software product thoroughly. We own the best minds in the QA engineering team who are well versed in testing a product from every possible use case and perform best usability testing as well. The team is equipped in different types of testing methods to identify usability issues and suggest best design advice as well. Our QA is the safe net throughout the development process. The QA team are driven to ensure zero bug software product delivery to the clients.

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We in-house dedicated QA engineers to your software project so the business clients can collaborate with these minds as and when needed. Our QA team works closely with you as well as the development team to ensure that best quality software product delivers to your business success.

About Our QA Process
With expertise in mobile application development, web application development, and CMS customization, we lay our focus mainly on Web Development for a business.
Bug reporting

We believe in practicing an effective mechanism to track and monitor bug reports so that closure happens quickly. Our focus is intact on delivering bug free quality product to clients. Therefore, we use effective bug reporting process to track any bugs that appears during the software development cycle. The engineering teams are well versed with bug tracking tools like YouTrack, Jira, Redmine. The teams are quick learners to adapt to any other bug reporting tool as per client’s preference if any.

The focal point of the QA team is dedicated to the following actions.

  • QA minds identify an issue as bug when the functionality in the product does not meet the functional specs.

  • We work toward identifying the root cause of the bug. We brainstorm and perform RCA on the bug to ensure that these bugs in the product do not repeat.

  • The QA team also reproduces the bug in an environment where the developers can the go ahead and work towards fixing the bug.

To maintain effective tracking of bug reporting, the QA engineers keep track of existing bugs and ensures no repetitive bug reporting happens. This process also helps us analyze the accurate number of bugs in the software product over a period. The bug reporting is an efficient method to have our clients also know how we perform in terms of software development and provide transparency of the pace at which the bug fixes are happening.

QA Environment

We adhere to strict deployment model and maintain standards in terms of QA environment, staging environment, and production environment. Each of these environments has guidelines on what is the kind of product code to be deployed and monitored. Here are the key points on how me operate the source code and testing at each of the code build environment.

  • Our engineering teams set the QA environment as the testbed for testing the product. The QA environment uses a synthetic DB, used specifically for testing. On meeting the code passing standards successfully in the QA environment, we then follow the process to deploy the code to staging environment.

  • The staging environment uses a snapshot of the production DB. On approval of the product functionality smoothly in this environment by the QA pioneers, we deploy the code to the production. The staging environment is open for our clients to monitor the development progress and test the developed functionality, if they want to.

Types of Testing We Perform
Top on the mind testing scenarios that we consider for testing your software product. Here are the few testing scenarios that we majorly look for in the product. Based on the testing and intended behavior, issues that pertain to the relevant functions are raised and assigned for development team to provide the issue fix.
Functional Issues

We test the product to verify whether the mobile app is functioning the way that the app is set to function according to the functional specifications.

Compatibility Issues

We test the web application performance based on the compatibility the application offers on different types of browser. Basically, we do the compatibility check of the website on different browsers and operating systems.

Usability Testing

User friendliness of the product ranks on top of any user’s mind. Hence, we test the mobile application level of user friendliness that the app has got to offer to the end users.

Condition Issues

We test the app during various real time scenarios that might come across while the app is in use by the users. We test the function of the app behavior during these conditions. In case of low battery on the user mobile phone or when no internet connectivity, we test how the app performs. We then raise the issues if the app functions in these conditions are not as user friendly as intended.

Security Issues

Security and data privacy are every user’s concern. We test whether the app is secured and test for secureness of the privacy data. The intended behavior is that the private data must not be accessible to third party users from the application.


Can you give me a price offer?

If you have well defined product and requirements yes we can give you and estimation of the product development cost. If this part is missing, we will need to spend time prepareing the technical specification and after that to be able to give you a price offer.

Can we start the development without a technical specification?

Technical specification is very important during our collaboration, if we dont have strict definition what you require and what we need to deliver, we will bump to a lot of missleading and dissapointment. We will prepare this part and define all the use cases actor and functionalities, and according to this document we can estimate our effor and your cost

Can we skip this phase?

At your own risk. Yes, we can start the development, but we can't offer fixed price, it will be time and material and this may lead that you will not have control over your budget.

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