UI/UX Design Process

Our skilled UX team are experts in building human centered UI designs that are delightful and caters to a business user audience. Our UX designers are innovators of best in class user experiences for your online business. At core, we are directed by human behavior by understanding the need for human centered design (HCD) for your business success.

We build UI designs that are seamless, user-friendly, easy-to-use, navigate, eminent, and adheres to the latest user trends need. We in-house creative minds in our UX team who are pioneers in creating designs and animations of a different complexity level. All our UX team work in collaboration with the entire engineering team and business clients to design impressive experiences for users of your business. To build such a delightful user experience, we at Code IT Solution, indulge in the UI/UX design process that directs every UX team member to work towards creating outstanding, impressive user experiences for your business.

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With our own in-house UI/UX studio we create designs and animations of a different complexity level. All our designers work together with our developers, under one roof, to ensure a smooth collaboration and to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.


Understanding Your User

Our UX team understands the importance of persona driven UX design and building products to catered user audience group. Therefore, we begin our UX design planning by understanding the users of your business product. Our expert of UX designers are skilled in performing user research, user interviews, and gather predominant user insights. Our UX evangelists are well versed in understanding user moods and build persona maps that blends well with user empathy scenarios as well. With all this user data, we build the persona maps and mood boards that goes a long way in building best user experience for your business.


With persona maps and mood boards, our experts create wireframe sketches. These sketches are built considering the end-to-end user scenarios that comes in to picture while users engage with your business software product. We take in to consideration every user instance, functional specifications that we derived from product definition, and with mood boards, our UX team designs the UI for the users that create best class user experience. Our experienced project managers indulge with Ui/UX lead to ensure that wireframes meet the current and future market trends to help achieve maximum benefits to your business outcome.

Graphic Design

We believe in having our client’s involvement and transparency in business engagement. With handshake of business collaboration, we have these wireframes acknowledged from your core team and begin with graphic design. Our Graphic design team get start with the actual designs of the mockups that are mapped in the wireframes. Our expert team of iOS, Android designers and developers have a deep understanding of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the Android UI guidelines. This expertise sets us unique and outstanding in building best user experiences for your business. Our specialists are well versed with current trends in touch gestures, screen sizes, and designing interactive graphics for the product.

Interactive Visual Prototyping

We at Code IT Solutions engage actively with our clients throughout the software development process. We provide you with an interactive prototype of the graphic designs so you know visualize the product you will get to experience. Why wait until then, you get to experience the success how it looks like with our visual prototype. We collaborate with you to include any feedback from our clients at early stage of prototyping and before the actual development starts. The prototypes also help business clients to understand what the product looks like and experience the visualization of the product analytics in the market. All of these analytics is possible when you choose to interact with us during the visual prototyping phase.

Gathering Feedback

We love to get feedback from our business client and deliver experiences that suits best for the business audience. Therefore, we recommend that you engage with your potential sponsor users by ding Beta tests with the users. During this action, business gets to collect real feedback from users about the user friendliness of the UX design. Feedback always helps improve the user designs and we imbibe the feedback changes to the final design mockups to be developed. This phase aids real user opinion about the user designs and assist in making nay final changes to improve the user experiences of the software product to be developed.


What do I need to get started?

First of all, you need to let us know somehow that you want to get started :) The easiest way would be to submit your request here. Just drop us a line and we can discuss the idea that you have for your project. If you already have a description of your product that will help us better understand your needs, then starting will be a bit faster. If not, no worries, we can start working right from the first call.

Will I be committed to working with you right after completing the product definition project?

No commitments. You can take our functional specifications and ask other companies to develop your product in accordance with it. Although it has never happened, if you wanted to continue the development of your project with another company, then you of course have all rights to do so.

What if I already have a clear vision of how my product will look like? Can I skip this phase?

Product discovery phase is an extremely dynamic process where you are constantly getting feedback from our tech and product experts, your partners, your families and your friends, changing your product definition accordingly, and in many cases the final product definition becomes something very different from what it was at the beginning. From our experience our clients extremely appreciate, cost-wise, this happening before they start any development work but not after or in the middle of it. Although you can actually start the development without having a detailed functional specification, there is a major risk of going over time and budget when you do not fully define your product at the very beginning.

Can I start the development without a functional specification?

Functional specification lays the groundwork for the future of your product. During this phase we will define use cases, user flows, database schema, 3rd party integrations, conduct performance and security analysis, etc. Although you can actually start the development without having a detailed functional specification, there is a major risk of going over time and budget when you do not fully define your product at the very beginning.

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