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Whether your challenge is to reduce a cost for a development or you're facing the lack of right and experienced development team, you can deliver your project with a help of our dedicated extended experienced team. This way we also provide flexibility and stability. We have our proven CodeIT Solution expertise combined with the agile CMS from Magnolia.

At CodeIT Solution we specialize in the development of digital platforms. Benefit from our long experience as a Magnolia agency and the top skills of our Magnolia certified experts.

Magnolia CMS is a modern, modular CMS with a strong focus on usability and intuitive usability. Through the optimal integration of third-party systems, your context data from complex tool landscapes simply flows together in one central system - exactly where it is needed - into the content heart of your digital platform.

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CodeIT Solution - your partner for Magnolia CMS

As a Certified Magnolia Partner , we look back on a long list of successfully completed projects with Magnolia CMS.

Whether a complex IT landscape, the need for digitalization or extensive internationalization challenges characterize your project, we will work with you to develop the right system for you.

We have experience with oldest versions of Magnolia upt to the newest one, and with differenent approach, headless or not.



Our Magnolia customers love us

CodeIT Solution has developed over 80 Magnolia CMS solutions providing happy customers and end users with all-round positive feedback. For more than 7 years, aknowledged customers from IT iand Marketing industries and with different tasks/projects have placed their trust in us. At the same time, we always keep an eye on the success of the projects, and feedback. You too can also, soon become one of our enthusiastic customers! CONNECT WITH RIGHT AGENCY!

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