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  • by Codeit
  • January 04. 2021

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Winter Internship 2020

  • by Codeit
  • December 10. 2020

What can be better than having young hard working people around you? So, besides the Christmas lights, we put a little more lights this winter days.

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Summer internship program 2020 and Testimonials

  • by Codeit
  • September 17. 2020

Due to the conditions with Covid-19 pandemic, this year, CodeIT decided not to cancel summer internship program, instead it was organized remotely

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Training program 2019/20 in CodeIT

  • by Codeit
  • March 08. 2020

CodeIT 2019 decided to create serious strategy with a plan to develop strong team under CodeIT premises and conditions. We asked our manager...

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Latest events

Wizzair marathon 2020

  • Start: October 04. 2020
  • End: October 04. 2020

In October, part of our team take a place in the most popular Marathon event happening in Skopje, WizzAir Skopje.

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WizzAir Marathon

  • Start: May 05. 2019
  • End: May 05. 2019

This May part of our team take a place in the most popular Marathon event happening in Skopje, WizzAir Skopje.

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Code App Level Up 5: Startup Edition Powered by Vip

  • Start: April 15. 2019
  • End: April 21. 2019

Code App, Level Up 5 - Startup Edition is the fifth mini jubilee edition of one of our most successful student events.

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Opening of new offices

  • Start: March 18. 2019
  • End: April 18. 2019

Have a look at our gallery and our new offices. We have an open day for students so they can come and visit us, every last Friday of the month.

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  • Katerina Trajkova
  • February 11. 2021

With the fact that during the pandemic all departments in our company work from home, our priority was to incorporate the agile into all sectors ...

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Epiphany traditions around the world

  • by Marketing
  • January 18. 2021

For Christians around the world, the official end to the Christmas holiday occurs on 6th of January, known as Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas.

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  • Tamara Dimitrievska
  • December 16. 2020

Redux is one of the most popular libraries in front end development

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Behind The Scenes With CodeIT Solution

  • HR
  • December 02. 2020

In these times, the importance of adaptation to change becomes more relevant.

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