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Continuation of the AEM training

  • Codeit
  • September 19. 2022

Continuation of our AEM online training!

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Start of the AEM training

  • Codeit
  • June 15. 2022

A fresh start of our AEM online training!

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Spring Internship 2022

  • Ivona Jovanovska
  • May 18. 2022

New employees in the spotlight!

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Erasmus+ Project

  • Ivona Jovanovska
  • April 13. 2022

The project aims to introduce new training programs in the field of AEM technologies that are non-existent on the market!

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Latest events

10 years Anniversary Codeit Solution

  • Start: May 22. 2022
  • End: May 22. 2022

#10years hard work, loyalty and diligence!

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New Year Party 2022

  • Start: December 23. 2021
  • End: December 23. 2021

Every year has many challenges and we are grateful for our journey in 2021! Happy New 2022!

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Team Building 2021

  • Start: October 22. 2021
  • End: October 22. 2021

Team buildings are an amazing way to meet the employees out of the office!

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Codeit among the students - virtual job fair 2021

  • Start: April 25. 2021
  • End: April 28. 2021

It’s our pleasure to take part at virtual job fair “Kontakt2021” and represent the opportunities that our company offers to the students.

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Latest Blogs

How to use CSS Image Sprites

  • Tamara Dimitrievska
  • August 24. 2022

Loading one image is always faster than loading several images!

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Cross site request forgery (CSRF) security and CsrfSecurityFilter in Magnolia

  • Sasho Risteski
  • June 27. 2022

Cross site request forgery (CSRF), also known as XSRF, Sea Surf or Session Riding, is an attack vector!

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Awesome VSCode extensions for web developers

  • Branko Bjadov
  • June 08. 2022

Visual Studio Code is undoubtedly one of the most widely used editors among web developers!

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  • Tamara Dimitrievska
  • May 25. 2022

Tailwind CSS is a front-end CSS framework created by Adam Wathan!

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