Summer internship program 2019

Summer internship program 2019



CodeIT decided to put this year interns in the spotlight. Asked them a few questions and took certain number of photos 😊.

Katerina Jangelovska

Q: Was the internship what you expected?

A: In total I’m satisfied from internship program. I’ve learned a lot of new staff. I had a chance to implement my pervious learned knowledge regarding HTML and CSS, but also to learn new technology such as Magnolia CMS. This is very interesting and easy to learn technology.

Ilija Lalkovski

Q: What was the best part of your internship and why?

A: The internship was well into my expectations. I've learnt how an IT company operates, how projects are managed, how to plan and organize my time and my future projects. I've had the opportunity to work in a team, to learn a technology with which I wasn't familiar. I've worked on the development of 3 separate projects and helped collegues with their problems. The best part of the internship was learning the process of development of web sites, as well as some tips and tricks I've gained from my mentors. This was, overall, a new and exciting challenge.

Angela Velkovska

Q: Why did you decide to apply for summer internship and would you recommend it to others?

A: I found that this company is innovative and values continuous learning, and my goal was to work in forward-thinking company, company that innovate often and constantly grow. At first I was given an agenda for action plan for each month in the internship and it was a good thing because I new what activity will be during the month. I would absolutely recommend this internship program because what made me a good impression on me, the most, was that all of the action was realized as it was planned.

Tamara Dimitrievska

Q: What do you expected from this internship?

A: Hands-on experience is my number one goal here. I want to expand my knowledge and practice. Learn how the team works togethere. I am also hoping to connect with a mentor who can help guide me into making the right decision for my career. In terms of technologies I want to learn more practice into React.js, Next.js and Styled components. I'm hoping to find my future full-time job where I can continue to grow and expand my knowledge. 

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