Summer internship program 2020 and Testimonials

Summer internship program 2020 and Testimonials

CodeIT decided to put this year's interns in the spotlight, again.

This year, due to the pandemic with the Covid-19 situation, CodeIT Solution organized a remote internship program. During these 3 months the interns had the chance to work on real projects and learn Java Spring Boot, Magnolia CMS and other technologies. After completing the first part with learning and getting to know the project, they were included in real projects and being able to work on the projects. The last month of the internship they had a chance to get to know about project management and Agile methodology. At the end of each month, each intern received an evaluation from their mentor and we had an evaluation meeting where we discussed their career path. The testimonials from last year helped us a lot with this year's interns, so here are the testimonials from this year's interns, read about their experience.

Asked them a few questions and tried to get the perfect group photo😊.

Sasho Risteski

Q: Was the internship what you expected?

A: "In the past 3 months, I had a really fruitful internship. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to work with such experienced engineers. Starting from the first day of my internship, I had a nice introduction and well organized on boarding process. I started to learn Magnolia CMS and i started to like it a lot. While everyone was really busy, they never ignored my questions and helped me to finish the tasks faster. I had the chance to work on real projects and that helped me to learn a lot, which doesn’t happen very often at internship programs so i guess i got lucky.  At the end of internship I was included in a project, where I had the opportunity to work as front-end developer and had the chance to spread my knowledge in that area. During my internship, I participated at the weekly meeting and got to know the agile methodology.
This internship actually exceeded my expectations because I learned a lot of new things and had the chance to work on real projects. I learned about how the cooperative world works, how to stick to deadlines and I managed to have a very close relationship with my mentors. This internship was great challenge, and I enjoyed the time spent with all of my colleagues and that made me a better person” - said Sasho

Viki Jovanov

Q: What was the best part of your internship and why?

A: The internship was great, it was better than my expectation, I am very satisfied with the program, communication, team spirit and great mentors. As an intern I learned a lot, I learned technology that was brnad new for me-Magnolia CMS, improved my coding skills, teamwork.The program was well planned and organized and I liked that.

About the internship program I liked the most that I have worked on a real project. It is a great experience for an intern like me to see how it is to work on real project tasks, to fix some issues, test the tasks and so on. Also, it was great to have a mentor who was always available for helping me with problems that I had. It was a great and exciting challenge. For the future interns I will recommend to apply for the internship program in CodeIT Solution, they will learn a lot in the program. They will learn new technologies and improve their skills in the technologies that they know. They will be learning in a great team with great mentors from who they will learn a lot" – said Viki

Stefan Kjirkovski

Q: What are your impressions for our intership program and would you recommend it to others?

A: "Learning in a company that is up to par with the world standards is incredible. The mentor was amazing, the process of learning new things was very easy to follow, learning on your own terms and with your own speed was also a refreshment. The entire team is ready and willing to help, the atmosphere is relaxing yet professional when needed. Overall, a really pleasant place to learn, work and thrive. Initially I expected only to have help from my mentor, but the entire team was acting as a mentor to me honestly. There was no impenetrable wall, so to speak, when it came to solving problems. If anyone was free, they’d help me with their knowledge so I can move on to the next problem, if they had problems as well, they would just ask someone else to help, so it almost never felt like I was wasting time instead of learning something" – said Stefan

Monika Georgieva

Q: What do you expected, what was your goal from this internship?

A: "This was my first internship experience. I learned new things, I met new people, I made new friends. I really cherish this experience and the lessons it taught me.

My goal was to learn and experience as much as possible, and I believe that I achieved that goal. The fact that I learned new things and was given the chance to work on real projects. Also, I met new people that I now consider friends. Don’t give up, guys. All of your hard work will pay off, so stick with what you’re doing no matter how hard and tough it gets" - said Monika


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