AEM training program developed to improve digital skills and employability
January 31, 2023

The goal of the project was to introduce new training programs in the field of AEM technologies that were not available in the market. This program aims to balance skills gaps in Europe and provide the latest knowledge and practices to individuals with educational backgrounds in: IT architecture, software development and IT analysis.


The National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility from NorthMacedonia had recognized our passion for this new AEM training  Program and had accepted our Application for funding it as ERASMUS+ Project (from KA2 Projects - “Development of VET Training Program in the field of CMS Technologies for faster Digital Transformation”).



Codeit Solution from North Macedonia and IDA Mediafoundry from  Netherlands teamed up to apply their 15+ years of experience in the newest IT technologies and to transfer the knowledge to the young individuals having a career within the IT sector.


The 2 organizations aimed to bring practical training for one of the most scarce and the highest paid IT technologies on the market or more precisely, the Adobe Experience Management (AEM) technologies.


In addition to bringing a new, high-quality training program, this within the project diversity and equal participation has been actively promoted. Namely, 50% of the participants in the Training were women and 20% came from minority groups.


Subsequently, this project: 


  1. supported the development of a new training program, non-existent on the local and regional market
  2. helped in increasing the overall standard in the IT sector
  3. contributed towards decreasing  the mismatch between supply and demand of skills on the IT market
  4. promoted  employability 
  5. contributed towards the accomplishment of EU’s digital transformation goals


There were several stages of the project:


  • development of a work plan
  • train-the-trainers program
  • development of educational modules and program
  • testing and improving the program


The project started in March 2022 with the development of detailed 10-month working plan together with IDA Mediafoundry.


Afterwards, the train-the-trainer program was implemented by IDA Mediafoundry , all of the 4 trainers successfully made a case study, and received AEM certified as Business Practitioners.


In order to develop the educational modules for the AEM student program and to ensure it’s successful implementation, Codeit and IDA Mediafoundry organized partner visits’ better.


Visit in Macedonia by the partner & our team visited our partner in Netherland




We got 50 applicants for the Students program, had intro and technical interviews with more than 20 applicants and in the end we made a selection of 10 candidates for the AEM training program. 


The training was held by our Trainers from Codeit Solution. We implemented the AEM program fully remotely on the ZOOM platform with recorded classes attached on our YouTube Channel and organized additional communication by Discord.


Trainings via ZOOM



YouTube channel with all lectures



Discord channel for 24/7 communication with the trainers and the team



The end result of the project are:


  • AEM certified trainers and prepared continuity of the program
  • AEM trained and certified students
  • Developed and tested training program


Here’s some KPIs from this project:


  • 100 training hours
  • 50 received applications
  • 10 selected students for the training
  • 8 students finished the training
  • 6 satisfaction surveys
  • 93,2% students satisfaction
  • 4 AEM trained and certified trainers  
  • 4 AEM trained and certified students, and still waiting for 3 more…


Codeit organized an event to award certificates to the students for the training attendance and certificates of appreciation to the coaches and others who collaborated in the project and gave support and contribution for successful implementation of the project.




Due to success Codeit was awarded as the project of the future and was invited by the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility agency to present the project at the ERASMUS+ Evaluation Conference for K2 VET 2022 Projects.




All together, partners, participants and collaborators, we had a final online presentation.


We also awarded certificates and certificates of thanks to all participants in this project and in the near future we want to make an educational center for more IT specialties.




Skills will be one of the main objectives of Erasmus starting 2023 so we are inspired from this project and we aim to go a step further and develop a regional training center with more types of specializations in the field of IT skills, training programs with the IDA Mediafoundry and more partners are interested to join to this successful story.