Free online AEM training
May 23, 2022

The project aims to introduce new training programs in the field of AEM technologies that are in high demand on the market. The programs aim to balance out the skills gaps in Europe and will provide the most recent knowledge and practices to individuals with an educational background in IT architecture, software development, and IT analysis.


IDA Mediafoundry will cooperate with the lead partner, and together will develop, test, evaluate and improve a better training program. Knowledge transfer will be organized aiming to equip lead partners' trainers with the skills and practices necessary to execute the program in a high-quality manner.


The training programs will predominantly be focused on training AEM professionals. To qualify for the education, the participants need to have gained formal or informal knowledge of Java technologies. Individuals with working experience and knowledge in adjacent technologies will also be admitted to the course with a few extra pre-course classes. Moreover, individuals who have knowledge of outdated technologies can be deskilled and are admissible to take the courses and re-qualify themselves. 


Having the access to the market, our partner wants to respond to the demand by creating an efficient training program for AEM technology adapted for non-experienced developers.


The project's end result will be 4 skilled trainers and a tested training program for AEM specialization. The project will result in 10 trained individuals, including at least 5 women and 2 participants from minority groups. An added value of the project will be a long-term partnership between the 2 partners as well as increased employment opportunities for the newly trained individuals.