Employee Interview - Aneta Dabeska
July 30, 2021
  1. How did your career start? Can you tell us more about the career journey, with the beginning of your education?

    After completing my studies at PMF - Institute of Informatics, I got a job in a company for design and manufacture - tiles in the tile redesign sector.

    However, I didn't find myself in that area and after less than a year I got another job, initially as a software engineer, and then as a team leader for the needs of the company.

    After a few years, I continue my work experience in a company for making ERP and software solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The deep experience in making these solutions, contributed to me being part of an external team for making this type of solution.

    In 2015 I started working as a software engineer or more precisely a software architect in software development (from idea to realization).

    Today I’m part of the Codeit Solution team and I’m glad I made the decision to join this great team!
  2. What was the biggest challenge for you after choosing your profession?

    The biggest challenge after choosing my profession was making a robust software solution for a company that involves very complex work processes and their optimization.

  3. In your opinion, what are the best 3 skills that a programmer should possess?

    ♦ To be a team player
    ♦ Generally to apply the best practices in that field
    ♦ To be always open to new knowledge in his field
  4. Lastly, your advice to those who are starting their career in programming

    To always believe in themselves and their abilities, to never stop learning, everyone makes mistakes, so we should learn from our mistakes, never to think that programming is only for the smart ones and to start slowly and strongly! 🙂