Employee Interview - Ivan Sokolovski
September 24, 2021
  1. How did your career start? Can you tell us more about the career journey, with the beginning of your education?

    I started three years ago from absolute scratch. 

    As a self-taught developer I have followed different courses online, but I also had the luck to be surrounded by people who supported me and from whom I learned a lot.

    Also I had the luck that Codeit Solution gave me a chance to start working and prove myself without having any experience until then.
  2. What was the biggest challenge for you after choosing your profession?

    The biggest challenges were at the beginning. The transition from courses and exercises to real projects and the concept of CMS, was somewhat painful.

    The real learning began when I started working on real projects, when every task was a new problem to solve, and the process of learning and working at the same time consumed me a lot of energy.

    I am happy that I have endured this period and stayed focused despite all difficulties. Also it is worth mentioning that I had full support from all my colleagues at that time.
  3. In your opinion, what are the best 3 skills that a programmer should possess

    ♦ Ability to learn concepts that can be used in different situation
    ♦ Basic logic and passion for solving problems
    ♦ Patience
  4. Lastly, your advice to those who are starting their career in programming

    Well, every person has his unique path, but almost every career start is a bit rough.

    Just focus on yourself, get your hands on code as much as you can, don't compare yourself with others too much, the only person that you should compare is your yesterday self.

    Be persistent, patient, take a break when you really need it, don't overdo it and burn yourself out and most importantly get satisfaction from the programming itself.

    ​​​​​​​Enjoy your work and your life. Follow your bliss! 🙂