Training program 2019/20 in Codeit
March 08, 2020

Codeit 2019 decided to create serious strategy with a plan to develop strong team under Codeit premises and conditions. We asked our manager Viktorija Drangovska to tell us more about this program and our trainees about their experience.


Q: What was the trigger for you as manager at CodeIT to organize this kind of trainings?


A: We as a company are more specialized in technologies used for development in digital marketing area. In the past few years we had opportunities to create new teams but we couldn't succeed because there is a lack of this expertise in Macedonia. We analyze the current situation, we found out that in Bulgaria they are much ahead regarding following the trends in technologies like Salesforce and Enterprise CMS. Everything was pointing to the fact that eventually here in Macedonia these technologies will be more developed, but let's be on the first wave not on the last one.


That is why we decided that we need a long term strategy plan to approach this. We decided to start with small trainings and see if there is an interest from students for these technologies. After that we planned to make a partnership with all companies that found interest in these technologies and mage a strategic plan to develop strong community in future. And third to find a solution to develop ongoing training with as possible low price. Thanks to the EE4 we manage to organize the first trainings free of charge for the trainees.


Many thanks to trainers Dejan Cvetkovski and Riste Drangovski, willing to support this program, and spending their time sharing knowledge with the candidates.



In the future we plan to extend this training and include more students to the program, that is why we want to support all interested students and candidates that want to learn more about this technology to apply to our email address:, subject "Application for training Salesforce". We call all companies that have interest also to contact us so that we can create the better program for our next training.