Dedicated Development
Your Dedicated Development Team

As reliable as your in-house one

Our team of committed development resources is dedicated to work solely for your product development. The team offers excellence as great as your in-house development capabilities. You get the immediate access to the best engineering team talent by collaborating with us for development services.

Why to choose the DDT model:

 With our dedicated team, you can quickly scale up and scale down the team size as and when needed without any burden to manage the team. You also need not worry about hiring process as we provide you with the best talent to work for your product development an we take care of all the hiring plan. 

We offer best talent that is not just limited to the locale, we hire across the globe and offer best talents and niche expertise at a reasonable cost.

The extended team is driven to focus on what matters the most, while continuing to develop new features with collaboration of your team.


Reach out to us and share the developer resource profile you are looking at. We will get back to you within one business day to know more about the resource you need for your business.

Talent Hire

We share with you the talented resource profiles for you to interview and select the resource. We also do the first level of screening of resource and send you those best talents that suits your requirements

In-house dedicated teams

Our team works in-house at your workplace. They adhere to your business guidelines, processes, and working hours and yield best results as your own teams does.

Start development

With the niche talented skill at place and working with you in-house, the teams dedicate to develop software according to the functional specifications.

Continued support

We offer continued support after the project is out in the market with our deployment services and marketing strategies to upscale your business.

When do you need a dedicated team?
Check if you need Dedicated team

When you’re struggling to find the right talent

Lack resources

When your core team is busy and you need backup


When local hires are expensive and you need to optimize your budget


When your expertise is insufficient and you need mastery of a narrow technology, Magnolia, AEM, React etc.

Why us?

  • Start within 3 weeks with your new DDT team. 
  • A 2-level interview process for you to find the resources with the best skills set that match your requirements.
  • Trial start test our services and see how we work with a test project.
  • You can get started with a 6-month service commitment with us.
  • We can offer dedicated project manager to work along with your requirements, team to monitor project progress and give you weekly/monthly reports.
  • Regular meetings to align the projects progress, team status and share new requirements.
What you get
A free cost estimate.
Professional advice.
We keep your ideas safe.
Request for proposal

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