Managed Team
Managed team

We take care of all management processes
and activities. We help you transfer product knowledge to align remote software developers with your in-house team, keep people motivated and loyal, ensure personal development and growth

Quick Setup and No fees
We do the resource hiring of best fit talent effortlessly within 2-3 weeks. We are not a recruiting agency. We build the dedicated team for your specific project and don't charge you for our hiring process
Top Talent
The 2-level screening process you get the best candidates list we pervious screened and interviewed.
Quick spot filled
While you do your other business tasks we take care requirement process and fill the vacancies on your team. Let us take care for you
Weekly reports
We share weekly reports about our progress
Have a Focus
We take the development part, so you can take care of your consulting and business tasks.
Excellent infrastructure
We provide modern office buildings with creative and inspiring working environment, equipped conference rooms, established IT and facility management

We give you the option to screen the candidates from our talent pool of resources. You get to choose the expert talent you need for your business.


It takes on average just 2-3 weeks to get started and your team will be ready to work on your project right away.


Our team being in-house, you get to supervised development progress and project managers will keep you in loop about the regular meetings, demonstration sessions, and constant transparency in the communication.


We give you support throughout the development process and after the product goes live with product support, maintenance, and marketing strategies.

What You Get?

Up to 65% cost reduction

Outsourced IT specialist can be up to 65% cheaper in comparison to local market employee

No hiring fees

We are not a recruiting agency. We build the dedicated team for your specific project and don't charge you for our hiring process

No retention expenses

You shouldn't pay for the workspace, sick leaves, motivation program, etc. We take care of all this


Our 2-level interview process and strong recruiting network all over Balkan region allows us to provide you with  the best 5% of candidates that we interview.

We offer best project management practices and processes for utmost usage of resources, talent, and timely deliverables. These factors are completely maintained by our local product managers. With this function, you get the hundred percent expected results with better control on resources who are flexible to work as per your business needs.

The extended team that we offer are equipped with excellent communication skills followed by transparency throughout the development process. Needless to say, our team works as your own team.


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Which is the best company to outsource dedicated development teams?

To outsource dedicated development teams from best software development company, you need to see their experience and work on that domain. We have build 2000+ applications and have been delivering excellence from past 14 years.

When do I need to use the managed team model?

This model we recommend when you don't have the skilled resources for the required technologies, esspecialy what is our speciality ECMS development.

Will the assigned team work only on my project?

Yes. Your team will be working on your project full-time, no side projects, no distractions, until the contract deadline.

What tools are used during the management and development process?

Different clients use different tools and methodologies, depends of the project scope.
Some of the project management tools we use are: Jira, Trello, Redmine. For communication, we can use Hangouts, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other tool of your choice.

How can I monitor the development process?

Our project manager will keep you updated regarding project status, on a weekly basis, but moreover at any time you can contact him and request for meeting or a reports.

What you get
A free cost estimate.
Professional advice.
We keep your ideas safe
Request a quote
We will contact you within one business day.
Request for proposal

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