Team Extension

A team you’ll be proud to call your own

CodeIT Solution offers dedicated development teams with average 3+ years experience, for a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of start-ups, mid and large scale businesses. So, If you’re looking for dedicated tech enthusiasts who can grow beyond capabilities and build custom software applications, then our dedicated software development team can be an ideal solution for you.

Trial start
We offer you one-month trial period to check that your business needs would be met with our extension team that works at your in-house office.
No Interruptions
Our team at are ready to work at your demand.
Fast Screening
We give the best minds for your business operation in as less as 2 to 3 weeks’ time on an average.
All the kick off meetings and collaborations happen effectively at your workspace.
Top Talent
We hire from the best sources and top talents from the plethora of talent world.
Consulting services
We advise on aspect you need to strengthen, apply agile transformation practices, provide business analysis services, assist with a software architecture, and help manage your software lifecycle

With best talent pool in place, we give you the option to choose from our handpicked resources who suits best for your product. You are also free to interview the resources in person and filter the best candidate as per your requirements.


Our resources work in-house at your workplace. The team is dedicated to work according to your business guidelines, reports to the project manager at your business, and collaborates with the other engineering team effectively. The team also are quick learners who are equipped to pick any new tools and methodologies that are in operation at your company. You get the complete outcome as the team is in-house of your own and work efficiently for you.


Throughout the project evolution of your business, you get our HR services support. We are happy to help you scale up or scale down resources as and when needed. We also help you get the talented resources to work for your business on need basis within a short period of time.

What You Get?

Up to 65% cost reduction

Outsourced IT specialist can be up to 65% cheaper in comparison to local market employee

No hiring fees

We are not a recruiting agency. We build the dedicated team for your specific project and don't charge you for our hiring process

No retention expenses

You shouldn't pay for the workspace, sick leaves, motivation program, etc. We take care of all this


Our 2-level interview process and strong recruiting network all over Balkan region allows us to provide you with  the best 5% of candidates that we interview.

We offer best project management practices and processes for utmost usage of resources, talent, and timely deliverables. These factors are completely maintained by our local product managers. With this function, you get the hundred percent expected results with better control on resources who are flexible to work as per your business needs.

The extended team that we offer are equipped with excellent communication skills followed by transparency throughout the development process. Needless to say, our team works as your own team.



When should we consider team extension?

Team extension works best in case you already have a development team that you manage in-house, and you are looking to add specific skills or domain expertise that are hard to be sourced on-site.

Does the team has the right skill set?

All candidates go trough recruitment process, you are in charge of. You can personally screen and interview the best candidate and we hire the ones that meet the most demanding requirements. 

How we can change or dismiss selected candidate/s?

In this situations we advice you, to inform us immediately and we will approach to replacement process or dismiss the candidate from your team.

What about if we are looking to hire developers onsite. Can you help us with that?

Our business model at this moment is not supporting to offer onsite developers, however if we found best approach and manage to define the process and steps, we can support you. But again it is not something we have done before.

What you get
A free cost estimate.
Professional advice.
We keep your ideas safe
Request a quote
We will contact you within one business day.
Request for proposal

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