| By Codeit | October 09, 2019
All You Need to Know About Dedicated Teams for Software Development Outsourcing

All You Need to Know About Dedicated Teams for Software Development Outsourcing


With growing demand for niche expertise and quick to market software deliverable, many companies prefer dedicated teams for software development. The company gets to outsource the hiring process to the service provider to deliver best in class engineering teams for software development. There are many numbers of benefits when you own dedicated teams for software development. Read further to discover the key aspects to consider while you opt dedicated offshore teams and the benefits that the company incurs when you outsource hiring of dedicated teams.


Key Factors to Question Before You Outsource Hiring of Dedicated Software Development Teams


1. Role of a dedicated team in the company workspace: Define what are the roles and responsibilities that the company expects when you hire a dedicated team.

2. Timelines: Get the timelines for when you want the dedicated team to start working for you. Also, define the timeline if the need is long term, short term, or specific duration you need the team to work for the company.

3. Skill sets: What are the skills that you expect the dedicated team to be well versed.

4. Cost: Plan the payment company is willing to spend on the dedicated teams.

5. Work module: Are the teams expected to operate in Agile mode or waterfall model or any other collaboration means that is expected.


These factors give the company a clarity on how you want the dedicate teams to operate and function for the company. By laying these questions with clarity answers, the outsourcing company also finds easy to hire a resource that suits all these factors. These key aspects work as a win-win in the long run both for the company and the dedicated teams that work for you.


Benefits of Outsourced Dedicated Teams


1. Skills expertise: Outsourcing companies include a pool of talents that are best in market. Any niche skill set resource can be easily on boarded by using outsourcing companies. As a company, you can choose the skill expertise that you need in the dedicated teams and gets the resource without having to spend much time to find the skilled experts. You save time and efforts that can be well spent in improving the business.

2. Cost efficient: The company saves cost and time that is spent on hiring process. The outsourcing company does the hire process to get you the resources with skill sets that you need. The operation cost of the business with offshore dedicated teams is less expensive compared to in-house company resources. You save on employee benefits, management, and training costs of the resources.

3. Development efficiency: Since the teams operate in-house or near shore, communication among the development teams and management is easy. The company has full control on the resource operation and get the work done in the stipulated timelines. As the teams are dedicated to work for the company development, the workforce contributes complete efforts to develop efficient software for the company.

4. Hassle free hiring process: The company needs to communicate only the type of niche skill resource that is needed. The outsourcing company takes care of the complete hiring process such as resource hunting, interview process, and salary negotiation. The company saves time and efforts. The company also gets to hire any talent resources that depend on the business development needs easily as the outsourcing company includes a pool of expert rescuers all the time. The turn around time to fill the vacancy is quick and hence the company software development operation continues without any disruption.

5. Transparency in business operation: You get the complete updates on the project development. The dedicated teams follow the company rules and operate in your supervision. The deliverable progress can also be monitored by conducting weekly product demonstrations.

6. Flexibility: With offshore development team set from outsourcing, you get the flexibility to scale up and scale down the team size according to the business needs. Based on the development cycle and skills that are needed to achieve the milestones, you can flexibly hire those resources for the time period you need. The offshore development teams are flexible to work in the timings the company operates and as a team set in0house. Hence, you reap many benefits in terms of effective operation that is blended with flexibility.




For a company, having a dedicated development team is boon and that comes with added benefits when you outsource the dedicated teams. The end-to-end management of the development team is taken care from the outsourcing company and you get the software development achieved in timely manner. Be it an in-house or offshore team, engaging with dedicated software development teams saves cost and time for the company in turn that helps in maximizing the business success.