| By Codeit | October 09, 2019
Developing Customizable CMS By Using Vaadin Framework

Developing Customizable CMS By Using Vaadin Framework


A content management system (CMS) with dynamic web page serves at best for any company that needs content management on the fly. With growing demand of unique user experience and mapping user journey based on their business, the need for CMS that caters to every client is of utmost demand. A CMS that is customizable and servers one to many clients at the same time are preferred by companies. Customizable CMS that are based on Vaadin framework is one such beauty in the CMS that allows to develop multiple tiny pages with configurable components. This CMS is also easy to edit and customize for the company clients. These CMS servers best for marketing teams to send out email campaigns on the fly with link to the web page that is customized and unique to every client. This uniqueness sets you ahead from the competition and achieves best client experience.


Customizable CMS Development based on Vaadin Framework


A CMS that we build by using Vaadin framework provisions creation of web page based on already developed CMS that includes many components. The page that is created can now be divided in to multiple tiny components. The company content authoring team can customize these components according to individual client needs. The customizable CMS development includes mainly two steps, web page design and website landing page development.


Web Page Design


Consider the following steps to design the tiny components in the web page.

1. Divide the page in to grid blocks and create components for each of these grid blocks.

2. With the company development team assistance, develop multiple reusable components. Some of the components that are considerable to develop are text, image, header, footer, input field, and video components. These components are some of the basic components that ay web page needs and hence reusable.

3. In every component, add an inline style that allows content authoring team to customize the content style as needed.

4. The most important factor that enables uniqueness in customization of the CMS to cater every client’s need is the token component. This token fetches the client details from the services and adds client user details making the CMS unique and tailored for a specific client.

5. Develop multiple default themes so that any theme can be applied to render many unique CMS web pages for the clients.


Develop many such components so you can quickly develop a new page by using and tweaking the existing components. The customizable CMS matches the client needs as designated by the marketing teams in the company.


Dynamic Website Landing Page


On having the web page design in pace with customizable components, the call for developing dynamic website landing page that is customized for client needs is needed. Personalization of website landing page to cater every client’s need is a challenge that marketing teams come across when sending out personalized email campaigns with link to the landing page. This dynamic generation of landing page enables marketing teams to create a web page that is tailored for every client and achieves seamless client experience. Follow these steps to create a dynamic website landing page for clients.


1. A unique 16-character alphanumeric identifier is generated for by client CRM for every client that is registered with the company.

2. The company marketing team uses this client identifier to map with the token that we discussed in the web page design.

3. According to the client details that are provided during registration, the client data that is stored in the services are auto populated in the website landing page. This mapping for a client is achieved by using the token and identifier mapping.

4. Based on the CMS configuration in the components, the unique web page is displayed as the landing page for the client. In cases where no landing page is found for a client in the system then, the client is redirected to a generic landing page with dynamic web components.




A customizable CMS based on Vaadin framework is a significant bonus for every company that needs to create unique client experience with dynamic customizable CMS. By following the two-step process, company can quickly generate easy to edit customizable web pages. These web pages add more power to the marketing teams to develop and maintain content on web page without the need for developer’s intrusion. Vaadin based CMS is easy to manage content, customize web page components, and update content on the fly with added advantage of catering to multiple client’s business experience. The framework brings benefits to the marketing teams to campaign dynamically and effectively based on CMS that is personalized for any client.