| By Codeit | October 16, 2019
Leveraging Visual Editing of SPA -The Eminence of Headless SPA

Leveraging Visual Editing of SPA-The Eminence of Headless SPA


Companies are bringing in additional capabilities to the Headless SPA to make lives of both developers and content authoring teams easier to work with headless CMS. Visual editing of SPA is the next significant thing in the Headless CMS. Often, developers and content authoring teams work together on the Headless SPA wherein choosing the CMS that best suits both their needs are a big challenge to the company. Visual Editing approach in the SPA is great way to bring out the full potential of the marketing teams to edit, preview, creative control the content. We tell you more on what exactly the visual editing in the SPA is and where this approach best suit.


Drawbacks of the Headless CMS for Content Authors


A shift from the traditional CMS to the Headless CMS is a wise approach and caters to the needs of content authoring teams to certain extent. However, the Headless CMS includes certain limitations that hinder the content authoring teams from performing at their best in the company. The key factors that a Headless CMS lacks are:


1. Context: Many companies refrain content authors from editing the content on CMS and let developers do this task. The simple reason is that content authors want to have the context on how the content is rendered on the website anytime the changes in content in made. However, the Headless CMS lacks this capability.

2. Live preview: The Headless CMS does not provision live preview until you have any other tools with CMS to build digital experiences. Content authors mainly depend on previews as and when the content is updated in order to get a blue print on how the content is appearing on the actual content destination. The lack of live preview hinders content authors from performing their best at task and need to switch to back and forth from editing and preview system.

3. Creative control: The Headless CMS limits content authors form what you can perform on the CMS. The creative edge of the authors is blocked since the Headless CMS does not function to support these controls.


What Visual Page Editor Got to Offer for Content Authors?


A Visual Page Editor gives the actual, perfect live preview to the content authors. This edit system gives the authors more control on how the connate appears on the live website. The content can then be catered according to individual persona and content publishing destination. The developers on the other hand need to create only one React or Angular template file as this file serves on both live website and Page Editor as well. The content authors feel empowered with the Visual Page Editor as the authors can perform many functions with the capabilities that the editor offers.


1. The SPA editor offers live preview that is a major boon for content authors who look to manage the content based on live content preview.

2. The SPA editor eradicates the overhead to switch between edit mode and preview. The live content preview is available that makes the editing user friendly for content authors.

3. The Visual Editor allows to build responsive layouts on the website. The content authors are not limited to rigid forms but can choose to create responsive web pages by using the editor.

4. The authors get to edit any component on the page, view the live preview without having to switch between edits.

5. The Visual SPA Editor removes the overhead of the developers to spend extra time in making the editor look creative. The editor is author friendly, hence minimizes the need to have the preview interactive.

6. The Page Editor shows the live SPA. This editor serves as an advantage to many companies that needs publishing at content to application at faster pace. The Live Editor eases the job of content authors in friendly edit mode. The turn around time of the content is also quick as the tool is easy to work with.

7. The dependency of content authors on development team is reduced. The content authors feel much more in control of their tasks and are well versed with the responsive Visual Editor SPA to create digital experiences.




The Visual Editor is a boon for any company that wants the development team and the content authors to work independently and reduce any overhead to create friendly editor options. The Page Editor shows the actual SPA that is live and hence makes the job of content authors easy to preview, analyze content context, and creative control the content. You get all these capabilities both on Angular or React template file and easy to manage. Any company that looks for creative editor management of the content, then, the Visual SPA Editor is the best option to choose. The editor leverages content authors to effectively manage the content on the live SPA.