| By Codeit | October 09, 2019
Project Managers for Dedicated Development Teams

Project Managers for Dedicated Development Teams


Development is the core of a product building process and delivering these products at the right time is very crucial. A successful project might fail if the product is not managed properly and delivered to customers in timely manner. Although you have talented developers and skill sets in the team, a forefront person to manage the development to closure is utmost need for the product success and delivery. Be it an in-house or offshore dedicated development team, a project manager can shape the project to meet the software development milestones in a timely manner. There are many numbers of essence that a project manager brings to the table of product to deliver favorable results to the business.


Project Manager Structures the Success of Dedicated Development Teams


Although you have dedicated development teams who work on a software development, many instances come up on daily basis where you need a prime person to manage the progress. Streamlined Agile model cannot replace the need for a project manager for managing software development in a company. The unique ethos that a project manager does in the dedicated development teams are discussed here.


1. Clear vision: Project manager defines the vision for the dedicated development teams. While the developers are busy focusing on code to build software product, project manager sets a vision as to what the software product is expected to achieve along with the timelines. When the vision is clear, every member in the dedicated team work towards achieving the vision.

2. Resource management: While you make a call on what resource is in need to build the vision product, project managers craft the skill sets acquaintance resources that the project demands.

3. Measure project performance: The project manager monitors the software development progress. There might be chances that blocks or pulls the team down to achieve the milestones. Project manager closely monitors when any obstacles are present and helps the team perform at the best to achieve the product vision.

4. Risk management: Project manager mitigates any risk that the dedicated teams or software milestone faces. The manager foresees the risk much before in hand and takes all necessary actions to manage the risk and reduce the adverse impacts on the product development.

5. Motivate team members: In the development teams, project manager plays a vital role to have the teams that are motivated to work towards the product vision. Development teams at times might be deviated by factors like company regulations, tight deadlines. In these scenarios, manager ensure to come up innovative methods to motivate team members to perform effectively. The manager takes responsibility to recognize the talent and send their way appreciation. This way, the development teams remain motivated to perform better.

6. Conflict management: When you have offshore and onshore development teams, project manager plays a vital role to set the transparency in communication. The manager also addresses any conflicts that can arise while the company work with development teams onshore and offshore.

7. Effective communication: Project manager establishes effective communication among the dedicated development teams. The manager ensures to set the right work environment to communicate effectively with transparency. With voice communication tools like Skype for Business and WebEx, project manager sets clear communication with offshore and onshore teams to monitor development activities.

8. Task management: Project managers can use effective tools such as JIRA, Asana, and Confluence for development task management. The tasks give visibility on what the teams are working on. The tools also help estimate the timeline for deliverables more accurately.

9. Point of contact: Project manager serves as point of contact for any development progress updates, mitigate conflicts within and outside teams, and manage escalations. Project manager also is the contact for any offshore and onshore development communications. This way, software development, and delivery management are exclusively managed by project manager.




Project manager is the pillar for the dedicated development teams. The success and performance of the software development depends on how the team is managed and directed by project manager. The team needs a direction and vision that is foremost designed by project manager. The manager also directs the teams on daily basis and brings in deliverable to closure within the stipulated timeline. Hence, every company needs project manager for every dedicated development team.