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Technology Consulting

IT companies and enterprises that are looking to empower their development with specialist for Magnolia CMS and AEM also need support with consultancy so they can have better offers and less expences

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Supported projects

Web CMS applicatons, headless approach or not. Small, fixed scope or agile development.

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Dedicated devs/teams

IT companies and enterprises have a lack of developers, we can help and setup long term teams of different sizes and combined expertise.

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Outsourcing digital content and data management thought sophistcated user experience is an absolute must of some companies that don’t have in-house resources.

This can be intmidatng fee as it offten comes with pit false and risks, but we are here to provide you guidance for your best chance to success.

Guarantee Confidence 100%

Why Us

  • Because in us you will find seriousness, respect, professionalism and service quality.
  • Because of our huge experience and our excellent professionals.
  • Engage with experts who are determent and dedicated.
  • Because our services and solutions are adapt to the needs of the client.​​​​​​​
  •  We respect the fact that your business is not a training ground for wannabe computer techs. We will not commit to doing something, if we don't think we can deliver. That's fair.
  • We provide you with quality service and adapt to meet our clients needs.
  • CodeIT Solution offers clients professional services delivered in timely manner with team who is fully committed throughout the lifetime of the project. 
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and rely on word-of-mouth for a lot of our work. 
  • We will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. Give you options and provide recommendations but everything else in your control


Company you can trust.

by a small team of experts
with a unique expertise
in multiple industries
of court of Honor of MASIT
(Macedonian IT chamber)
Part of CEED
entrepreneurship support
240 000
Coffee cups
by a year

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A simple guide to Node.js

  • Tamara Dimitrievska
  • February 06. 2023

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to run server-side code!

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HTTP Authentication Schemes - “Basic” HTTP Authentication

  • Ivan Georgiev
  • January 27. 2023

Authentication is the process of determining whether a client should be given access to a resource!

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AEM training program developed to improve digital skills and employability

  • Ivona Jovanovska
  • January 31. 2023

The goal of the project was to introduce new training programs in the field of AEM technologies that were not available in the market!

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10 years Anniversary Codeit Solution

  • Start: May 22. 2022
  • End: May 22. 2022

#10years hard work, loyalty and diligence!

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Why choose us? Because we care. We help our clients reach their full potential and drastically reduce costs by offering transparent, seamless and reliable access to the best and brightest tech talent and empower their business with CMS and Cloud technologies.

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